Bible College

NTM Christian College

NTM Bible Colleges are the central heart of Neil Thomas Ministries.

An NTM Christian College is established in Melbourne Australia, Vila Vanuatu, Santo Vanuatu, Honiara Solomon Islands, Noumea New Caledonia and soon in Rwanda and India.

The Colleges are committed to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of Christian Holiness. They are Disciple making training colleges to fulfil the great Commission of Christ to go out and preach the gospel and baptise people in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To make disciples that will obey the teachings and commands of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:16-20.

As part of the course, students can expect plenty of practical work and training, as well as solid Bible based teaching and tutorials. There will be opportunity for training and practice in evangelism, preaching, street witnessing, involvement in concerts and evangelistic crusades, overseas tours and mission trips, etc.

NTM Christian Colleges are founded upon the vision of the great missionary Charles Cowman to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spread Christian Holiness to every creature in every land. Charles Cowman believed that the Great Commission was best fulfilled through training local people to reach their own people for Christ while also desiring to reach the world.

NTM Christian Colleges are then special colleges, with a special commission in a world that is increasingly hostile to God, His Word and His church. We are living in days where our local communities are demanding a high level of performance from well trained leadership that meets the needs of our modern community life. The Christian church needs to understand the community desire and train its full time and volunteer staff in leadership for youth, pastoral care, social, moral and spiritual activities so we can be effective and show the life and example of Christ to all we have contact with.