Dig Deep - Part One

We began this series with the claim that we were going to “dig deep”! We had plans to get into the nitty gritty, the unsaid things, the tricky, sticky and downright scary things about relationships. After week one we can safely say that box was ticked! Over the series we discussed parenting, sex, singleness, friendships and spent one whole weekend learning about the porn industry - yep, you read that right… more on that later.

We’ve learned a lot, heard a lot and honestly, we’ve grown a lot. We have grown closer in our relationships with each other and we’ve grown closer to God. Understanding His intentions for us as His children and His #relationshipgoals for us has shed a lot of light on love. What it looks like, who it is for and how we can do it God’s way - spoiler alert, it’s for everyone.

Ps Adem kicked off the first week of the series with a crucial point. A significant, powerful and eye-opening statement, made by God, for all of us. The Creation story in Genesis 1, 2 and 3 is an exciting read - the journey of how God made the earth. It reads in a clear and concise way - straight to the point… God made this, and it was good. God made that, and it was good. God made more and more and He sat back and said it was VERY good. Simple, effective and it sounded like everything went very much to plan. Well not exactly…

We see in Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 that suddenly things weren’t ticking along as perfectly as originally intended. Something wasn’t right. For the first time in this riveting story of creation… something wasn’t good. “It is not good for man to be alone”. Wow. For the first time in the history of the world, something was not good. Improvement was needed, something had to change. Loneliness was not good - not according to God anyway. *And all the introverts did not say amen*.

To rectify this problem God put the man to sleep and separated the male and the female parts of Adam into two beings; he took the woman out from within the man. Ta-daa. Now things are looking good again. The man had a companion. 

Interesting that things developed this way. God, the divine Creator, the maker of Heaven and Earth, designer of the Universe… Knew that it was not good for the man to be alone. It is not good for any of us as humans to be alone. We simply aren’t designed to be. We need people. We need community. We need love and friendship and comradery. We don’t just enjoy it, tolerate it or encounter it by default. We need it. In order to function at our full potential, to be at our most fulfilled, to draw nearer to the purpose for which we were designed. We need people.

Do you have people? Maybe you do. Maybe you have a husband, wife, partner, child, sibling, friend, college or something to that effect. Maybe you do have people. 

Disclaimer: I’m not here to rain on your people parade. I’m sure your people are great. In fact, most people are. Now we can end the journey here and you can be content with your great people and go off on your merry way. But, as aforementioned, we are here to dig deep… so stay with me will you? 

Here’s the thing about having people… It’s not quite enough. It’s not enough just to “have” them. We need a little more… What good is it to have a friend that you spend time with but who doesn’t truly know who you are? What good is it to have a spouse who you love but who is kept outside of the deep parts of your heart that are unshared? What good is it to have relationships with people on the surface that don’t harbour real vulnerability, exposure and deep connection? Well I have an answer for you on that one… It’s not good.

You see, we weren’t just designed for relationships. We were designed for connection. We were not made to do life alone - but rather to do it with people who we know, and to whom we are known. That’s where true belonging is. God designed you to have an intimate and real relationship with Him - your Creator - every human soul longs for that. And we are given the opportunity to have that through His Son Jesus. That relationship is by far the most important one in anybody’s life. A deep and intimate relationship with God through Jesus.

As well as a real relationship with God, we need real relationships with the people in our lives. The only way to foster a real connection between you and those around you is through vulnerability. Can I leave you with a challenge? Open up. Share a little. Maybe go all out and just let someone in. Dig deep! It’s often hard, scary and for some people it’s down right frightful! But it will bring real connection into your life; and that my friend… that is good.

- Grace Guneyi